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Expert Stone and Marble Restoration & Refinishing in Yuma and throughout Arizona

We can expertly clean, repair and restore marble and granite surfaces

We tend to have high expectations of finished surfaces made from marble, granite, and other stone materials. Whether these materials are used for an entry floor, a countertop, or a shower interior, the initial impression is one of natural beauty and exceptional durability.

But natural stone surfaces are not indestructible. Impact damage can occur in the form of chips or cracks. Smooth surfaces can be abraded by sand and grit. Grout lines can deteriorate and accumulate grime. Stone sealant coats can be damaged by acidic liquids, abrasion, or heavy use.

At ServiceMaster Critical Recovery, we have the skills and equipment to restore the beauty of your stone and marble floors and surfaces. Whether you are looking to have the surfaces cleaned and polished or you are in need of full-scale restoration, our experienced professionals can handle your restoration project from start to finish.

Stone & marble restoration services that we offer:

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Expert stone & marble restoration when you need it

Most of the damage mentioned above is not difficult to spot when it occurs. Sometimes the cause is simply due to age and prolonged use. In other cases, damage occurs as the result of a specific accident or disaster. Regardless of how the damage happened, it’s important to take proper repair and restoration action as soon as possible.

ServiceMaster Critical Recovery has technicians who are trained to perform a wide range of stone and marble repair and restoration work. By using proven techniques and top-notch materials, we can restore the fine appearance and high functionality of your stone and marble features. Performing expert repair and restoration work is usually less costly than the total replacement of these features. 

Restore your stone & marble to like-new condition

We are based in the Yuma & San Luis area and provide expert disaster restoration and storm damage repair to homes and businesses. Contact ServiceMaster Critical Recovery today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians.

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