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As water freezes, it expands about 10 percent in volume.
That pressure can cause a rupture to appear in pipes.

Frozen and Burst Pipe Restoration in Yuma and throughout Arizona

Pipes don’t freeze, but the water inside them may. When temperatures plummet, the water expands as it turns into ice and could exert enough pressure to rupture a pipe wall or break apart a pipe joint. Such leaks, if undetected right away, can cause significant damage to floors, carpeting, drywall, and fiberglass insulation. Burst copper pipes used to supply water to plumbing fixtures or to circulate water to baseboard radiators are common sources of major leaks.

Pipes may also burst for reasons other than freezing, such as when a carpenter accidentally drives a nail through one, but freezing is the most common cause of pipe leakage. When leaking or burst pipes strike, ServiceMaster Critical Recovery is the company to call to dry out, clean up, and restore your living space.

Causes of burst pipes

ServiceMaster Critical Recovery is Yuma’s leading water damage repair and restoration company. We have the expertise and equipment to handle a variety of water-related disasters, including burst pipes, clogged drain overflow and flooded basements. Contact us today to schedule an estimate for water damage restoration in San Luis, Bard, Wellton and nearby areas.

What to do when your frozen pipes burst

There is a very distinctive sound to pipes freezing. It can best be described as a bang or clang. The sound is caused by water suddenly expanding into ice at the moment it freezes. It may not be accompanied by the sound of running water because, for a time, the ice will prevent leakage from occurring. When this happens:

Turn off the main water valve immediately

It is typically located in a basement or utility room. Fast action can minimize damage from a burst pipe.

Call ServiceMaster Critical Recovery right away

We have operators standing by 24/7. Instead of getting a recorded message, you can talk to a real person about your emergency. Our emergency crews are usually able to respond within 2 hours and handle the burst pipe clean up and restoration process.

If the ice in the pipe has thawed and water is flowing into your home:

Note where the sound of running water is coming from

Shut off the main water valve, if you can do it safely, and call ServiceMaster Critical Recovery

Don’t take safety risks when you have flooding due to a burst pipe. Contact with an electrical switch or device while standing in water can cause shock or electrocution. It’s better to wait for ServiceMaster Critical Recovery technicians to arrive to ensure safe water removal and water damage repair.

Move valuable items

As long as you can do so safely, move items that are wet or may be damaged by standing water. You can relocate these items to a dry area and take steps to clean and dry them out.

We offer frozen and burst pipe restoration & cleanup services throughout Arizona

After the burst pipe leak has been stopped and repaired, rely upon ServiceMaster Critical Recovery to handle your water damage restoration needs. We clean up the mess and take steps to avoid mold problems. Depending on where the pipe leak occurred and what materials got wet, procedures may be required to avoid a mold infestation. ServiceMaster Critical Recovery has heavy-duty drying and dehumidifying equipment to quickly dry out wet materials. This fast drying action can often prevent mold from forming. In other cases, items like carpeting may need to be removed to facilitate drying and cleaning the space.

ServiceMaster Critical Recovery is your frozen and burst pipe restoration company. We also offer services to help with cleanup due to a sink overflow or clogged drain. We will help you prevent future frozen pipe leaks by assessing what caused the pipe to burst in the first place, upgrading insulation around it, or relocating it to a less vulnerable place when possible. Call or email us today for an inspection in Yuma, San Luis, Wellton, Somerton, Fortuna Foothills, Bard and surrounding areas in Arizona.

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