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Commercial Disaster Recovery in Yuma and throughout Arizona

The last thing that a small business needs in today’s economic climate is more bills to pay. However, if you’re not prepared for fire and water damage, the disaster crews at ServiceMaster Critical Recovery say that’s exactly what you’re in for.  Proper insurance is the key to keeping costs down, but just as important is acting quickly to make sure that you don’t suffer any unnecessary water or fire damage. Yuma county insurance adjusters will penalize you if you don’t take immediate action to save whatever assets you can, and that means more than just calling the disaster recovery squad.

The first thing to do when you realize your property has been damaged by a disaster is to call your insurance company. Then contact a disaster recovery specialist. After making the necessary phone calls, when it is deemed safe, enter your property and begin to pull all of your belongings and other valuables items out of the building. If you don’t attempt to salvage what you can, your insurance carrier may deny your claim of damaged goods on the grounds that you didn’t seem to want your goods, as you put no effort into saving items that still retained value or were unharmed at the time.

You should still be working on rescuing your goods from fire damage or water damage when recovery crew arrives; they can verify with the insurance company that you were doing your due diligence.  Once the disaster restoration experts arrive, they’ll take over and handle the situation doing everything they can to save your office and any belongings inside.

Once the experts begin to mitigate damages and pull valuables from your property, now is the time to document and photograph all of your damaged or missing items to deliver to your insurance carrier. The more evidence you have to show, the easier the process can become.

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