Sewage Cleanup

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ServiceMaster Critical Recovery Case Studies: Sewage Cleanup


This property was experiencing nasty, stinky sewage back up.  Everything was wet and you can only imagine the condition of the backyard!  There was more than 7 inches of water and raw sewage in that backyard.  One of the tenants had clogged a drain. The tenants were in trouble so we needed to work quickly, and we did.  The job was done in 2 days, first the water removal and then the sewage cleanup.  Luckily, the only structure damage was to the exterior wall and the yard, so the tenants did not have to move.


We completed water removal, sewage cleanup, and repair to the exterior wall.  The yard cleanup was messy and stinky, but we got it done. The plumbing was repaired the same day, too! The tenants are happy and the owner is happy.  Another job well done!

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