Water Heater Line Break in Earp, CA

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ServiceMaster Critical Recovery Case Studies: Water Heater Line Break in Earp, CA


Water Heater Line Broke and hot water was everywhere, but in the shower.  Flooring was in really bad shape and the walls were wicking.  Homeowners lost their living room, dining room and bedroom furniture.  ServiceMaster was there to help client with water damage removal, demolition, and repairs to the entire home. 


ServiceMaster had to remove 2 feet of all the bottom of the interior walls, flooring, and kitchen cabinets as well as remove all the furniture and belongings.  Project took a week to complete, with a full staff at the clients home.  People in and out, trucks and cars delivering material and supplies, and the project went on with out a snag.  We were giving progress reports to homeowner and insurance company on the daily and they were both very happy and satisfied with the level of service provided by ServiceMaster.

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