Kitchen Water Line Burst Between Walls

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ServiceMaster Critical Recovery Case Studies: Kitchen Water Line Burst Between Walls


Water line burst behind the wall, and homeowner did not become aware of it for a few days.  So, the damage was extensive.  Moldy drywall, moldy flooring, warped hardwood floors, ruined kitchen cabinets.  Their walls were almost mush, from the amount of water that was absorbed by the drywall.  Had to remove all cabinets, kitchen walls ( some of them to the ceiling), and flooring had to be replaced. 


Replaced flooring, interior kitchen walls, and all cabinets had to be replaced.  Project took a total of 2 1/2 weeks.

Customer was very happy with the amount of time it took for demo as well as for the repairs.  Homeowner was involved in the entire project with every detail and they were happy we took care of their home. 

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