Corona Water Damage

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ServiceMaster Critical Recovery Case Studies: Corona Water Damage


Kitchen disaster.  Water damaged spread through out the entire kitchen and ruined the flooring and bottom of kitchen cabinets.  What happened you asked… let me tell you.  The dishwasher was not installed properly and the pump was not functioning, so a huge amount of water leaked, and stayed there for a week.  When home owner returned from business trip, he found a soggy, wet mess waiting for him in the kitchen.


The entire floor had to be removed, all cabinets had to be replaced.  Floor boards replaced.  Dry out had to be managed so that no mold would be caused.  The repairs included new dry wall, new kitchen cabinets, new subfloor, new tile, new floor boards and paint job.  Home owner will be washing dishes by hand for a while before he trusts his dishwasher again. 

Our Goal

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