Fridge Water Line Disconnected

Challenge: Water line to fridge was disconnected over the weekend.  Water Damage created mold growth in flooring. Solution: Flooring had to be removed and replaced, ServiceMaster Plus was able to restore the water damage and provide a hassle free experience for the homeowner.  Drywall repairs had to be made. 

Corona Residential Water Damage

Challenge: Kitchen disaster.  Water damaged spread through out the entire kitchen and ruined the flooring and bottom of kitchen cabinets.  What happened you asked,…….let me tell you.  The dishwasher was not installed properly and the pump was not functioning, so a huge amount of water leaked, and stayed there for a week.  When home owner […]

Water Heater Line Burst at Residence

Challenge: Water Heater Line Burst, no more hot water.  Thank Goodness this hapenned during the summer.  Average temp was 103.  Repair require the removal of all the carpet in the house, as well as extensive repairs to the dry wall.  We had to work quick in order to avoid any further water damage in addition […]

Sewage Cleanup at Residence in Riverside, CA

Challenge: This property was experiencing nasty, stinky sewage back up.  Everything was wet and you can only imagine the condition of the backyard!  There was more than 7 inches of water and raw sewage in that backyard.  One of the tenants had clogged a drain. The tenants were in trouble so we needed to work […]